The Great Easter Bunny Fail of 2014 AKA a trip to the ER

N and I often joke that since becoming parents, there are so many phrases we say that 10 years ago, I never would have imagined would ever come out of my mouth.  Things like, “Put that down, it’s poop.”, “Yes, doctor, he swallowed a glass bead.”, “Animals are not to be licked”, “Please stop eating mulch”…. I could go on and on.  A new one to add to the list just occurred a few weeks ago on Easter Monday.  The Easter Bunny was out shopping at Target and noticed some adorable metal and wood children’s garden shovels. The Bunny knew these were the perfect basket items for C and J, who were very eager to start work in our garden.

And of course, C and J were delighted with the shovels when they found their baskets on Easter morning.  They liked the shovels almost as much as the candy that they would later that afternoon hide in their room and EAT ALL AT ONE SITTING.  I must have been having a very naiive moment when I allowed them to take the baskets up for nap.

Monday morning, the kids were so excited to try out the new shovels.  So as soon as it was warm enough, we all headed down to the garden and started digging up weeds.  We worked for a good 2 hours before I heard baby M wake up on the monitor and I ran inside to get him.  As I came back out with the baby, I noticed J was walking up the hill crying.  And then the blood started.  Oh my word, do heads bleed!!!  And C was as white as a ghost.  He quietly admitted that he threw his shovel into the air and it came down on J’s forehead.  My first response was “Why would you throw a shovel?!  We don’t throw shovels!” (One of those things you never think you will have to say).  After taking J inside and getting her calmed down and cleaned up, it was pretty obvious she would need to see a doctor to determine if stitches were necessary.  Coincidentally, my good friend was on her way over to hang out for the afternoon. With her 4 kids. So she was able to watch the boys while J and I went to the local ER (she is up for sainthood in my book).  Thankfully, we were seen quickly and the doctor, who happened to be the same doctor we saw when C swallowed a glass bead last fall, was able to close the wound with dermabond and a few steri-strips.

J is almost fully healed and shovels have been removed for use only when supervised. And I am prepared with Frankincense and Helichrysum for any scarring she may have. But this experience, just like the many before it, reminds me that we are never fully prepared for what parenthood will throw at us.  Especially when that something is a garden shovel ; ).



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